Overhead Trolley Conveyor Chain

Overhead Trolley Conveyor Chain

Electrostatic spraying & toast overhead conveyor chain
Processing the non-regular chains by your drawing
overhead conveyor for powder coatingline

Chain Pitch P150

Chain routine maintenance and safety measures

Lines soon after the set up, check out whether or not there is various audio transmission seat, modify the seat is adaptable and scalable,Bend and elevate component if there is a distinct audio, chain working jitter, if there is any abnormal ,please dominated out.
Soon after line normal procedure, in the chain of the simple friction point injection of sound higher temperature grease,Soon after injection, utilizing the cup-feed oiler and tanker injection higher temperature lubricating oil .
Routinely check the chain operation and lubrication issue, use of inferior oil residue jam happened.
The chain or powder into the chain need to be obvious in time.
bend and lifting areas ought to be changed in a timely way.
Grasp the genuine temperature oven, can’t make the chain far more than regular temperature for a extended time working.
The chain Can’t be produced procedure in the distortion of setting.
The procedure of the complicated surroundings and the little turning radius can make chain damage and deformation,
The style must take into account the rationality of operation.

5 tons normal chain
Features: The chain developed for suspension conveyor ,
With massive Angle of curved space, straightforward to install, ideal for standard scenario

5 tons horizontal wheel heavy chain
Characteristics: adjust the standard wheel to negative hefty, to improve the bearing potential and use resistance, extend services lifestyle, relevant to many curved or larger temperature in a generation atmosphere.

5 tons of vertical wheel weighty chain
Functions: modify the vertical wheel to negative weighty, lessen the chain following lifting angle when the resistance, increase the bearing ability and wear resistance, suitable for repeated lifting or increased temperature in the generation surroundings

five tons horizontal/vertical wheel weighty chain
Features: alter the horizontal and vertical chakras are to bear the heavy, its bearing capacity and abrasion resistance for this type of chain of solidifying, use to the circuit is really complex, hanging heavier workpiece and greater temperature generation surroundings

Overhead Trolley Conveyor Chain