Ne Series Bucket Elevator for Industrial Construction

Ne Series Bucket Elevator for Industrial Construction

NE series Bucket CZPT for CZPT CZPT 

The description of bucket elevator:

Belt bucket elevator is appropriate for vertical transmission of powder, granular and modest block and much less abrasive bulk materials, which has a small necessity for the variety of resources, traits and block degrees, it can raise powder, granular and bulk materials, and abrasive supplies these kinds of as grain, coal, cement, crushed ore, and so on. It can also elevate higher temperature products that below 250°C with the max height of 40m.


Working Principle

Belt bucket elevator is composed of machine head, principal body,Servicing cylinder,Ventilators, dustpan, dustpanbelt and device foundation.

The materials are fed into the device from the base and discharged from the best.
one. First of all, the resources are evenly fed into the dustpan on the machine base 
two. Secondly, the components are elevated into the device head
3. Thirdly, the uncooked components are dumped into the targeted equipment.

1).Metallic and Non-Metallic ores like Bauxite. Coal. Rock merchandise. Sand. Gravel, Cement. Gypsum. Limestone.

two).Food powder like Sugar. Flour. Coffee, Salt, Grain

3).Chemical Processing merchandise like Fertilizers. Phosphates Agricultural Lime. Soda Ash.

4).Pulp and Paper merchandise like,Wooden Chips.



one).Bucket elevator has significantly less prerequisite on components, characteristics and the bulk. It can elevate, the powder, granular and bulk supplies.

2).The max lifting capacity is four,600m3/h.

three).Bucket elevator adopts inflow feeding, gravity induced discharge, and use big potential hopper.

four).The traction elements adopt use-resistant chains and steel wire belt to increase the provider existence of the traction parts.

five).Bucket elevator runs efficiently, typically the lifting top is 40m or even larger.


model type Transmission potential hopper Drive shaft rotation pace Most large diploma conveying materials CZPTing height
(r/min) (mm)  
potential(L) Bucket distance  bucket width       (m)
Deep fights Shallow fights (mm)   Procedure velocity      
Deep fights Shallow fights   (mm) (r/min)      
D160 Tape variety 8 31 one.1 .sixty five three hundred one hundred sixty 1 47.five twenty five 4.sixty two~thirty.02
D250 Tape type 21.six 11.eight 32 2.6 400 250 1.twenty five forty seven.5 35 4.forty eight~30.08
D350 Tape variety forty two 25 7.8 7 500 350 1.twenty five 37.5 forty five four.3~30.three
D450 Tape sort sixty nine.six forty eight 15 14.5 640 450 one.25 37.five fifty five 4.fifty four~34
TH160 Tape kind 6 22 .sixty five 400 160 .87 47.5 twenty five four.84~thirty.02
TH250 Tape sort fourteen 6.8 3.two 2.6 five hundred 250 .87 47.five 35 4.84~thirty.08
TH300 Tape sort 28 16 5.two 4.4 500 three hundred 1.25 37.five 40 four.66~thirty.sixteen
TH400 Tape variety forty seven.2 30 10.five 10 600 four hundred 1.25 37.5 fifty 4.fifty two~thirty.32

Ne Series Bucket Elevator for Industrial Construction