Fixed Rvvyp Power Servo Cable Control Cable Electric Wire

Fixed Rvvyp Power Servo Cable Control Cable Electric Wire

Merchandise Description 

Conductor : wonderful strands of bare copper wire,pursuing IEC65718,EN65718 in accordance to VDE5715 Class 5 common
 Conductor insulation: High top quality imported PVC
 Colour: black wire with ongoing sequence variety with a yellow inexperienced floor wire in accordance to EN50334                                                                                     
 Core wire structure:manage wire pair twist 1.-1.5mm2
 Shield:Pairs protect or tinned copper braiding
 Inner Sheath: Aluminum foil wrapped in pairs
 core wire construction: Pairs of shielded control wire and twisted-pair energy wire layered
Outer Jacket Large high quality imported PVC
Jacket colour:Black/Gray/Orange

CZPT parameter

 Rated voltage:Uo/U .six/1kv                     
Take a look at voltage: 1000V                                              
Least bending radius: Fastened installation:5×D
Movable set up: 10×D
 Application temperature:Fastened set up:-30ºC-+80ºC movable installation-15ºC- +80ºC        
Oil resistance:anti 2#mineral oil or GB20 # equipment oil
Chemical resistance: Great functionality on anti acid, alkali, solvent, hydraulic oil,ect.



 2. low temperature

 3. Excellent electromagnetic properties 

 4.cables can be bundled when needed


For servo-driven smart industries, this sort of as automation technologies, machinery producing, industrial robots and manufacturing facility, energy tools, manage and production engineering, dealing with techniques, automotive production plants, wood processing middle line, according to DESINA shade coding

Specification for your reference(We also accept CZPT cable)

Packing methods



Fixed Rvvyp Power Servo Cable Control Cable Electric Wire