Feetech 15kg Scservo Daisy Chain Dual Mode Smart Servo for Robot DIY Scs15

Feetech 15kg Scservo Daisy Chain Dual Mode Smart Servo for Robot DIY Scs15

Feetech 15kg SCservo Daisy Chain Dual Method Smart Servo For Robot Do it yourself SCS15

The SCS15 is a multipurpose UART BUS robotic servo created for use with Arduino. 

The device can perform in the two servo method and wheel manner. 
The servo mode can be wired together in robots to management limbs and established them at certain angles.
The wheel mode is supposed for wheel-type functions. 
The SCServo can give opinions on the values of position, temperature, load, speed 
and enter voltage, as properly as obtaining the capability to established parameters such as speed of rotation,
max. output torque, running voltage limit, 
running temperature limit, and many others.

Solution Description

CZPTal Specification (Function of the Performance)
No.                                      Operating Voltage Range
6V seven.4V
1 Idle current(at stopped) 5mA             6mA            
two No load  speed .16sec/60° .14sec/60°
three Runnig current(at no load) 130 mA               150 mA 
four Peak stall torque 17kg.cm 19.5kg.cm
236.1oz.in 270.8oz.in
5 Stall current 2000 mA 2500mA
Notice: “*”definition is average value when the servo runing with no load
Control Specification:
No. Item  Specification
one Command signal  Bus Packet Communication TTL level   
two Protocol Type Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication
three ID range  -253
4 Communication Speed  38400bps ~ 1 Mbps
five Running degree  300°(when 0~1571)
six Comments Load, Speed, Input Voltage
7 Position Sensor

SCServo can function at servo manner and wheel mode.

The servo mode can be utilized to multi-joints robotic since the robots can be controlled with distinct angles. (The manufacturing facility default settingis servo manner)

The wheel method can be utilised to wheel-type procedure robots given that motors of the robots spin infinitely. (If wheel mode is CZPT you want to program the value of position limitation the equally are .)

If you want to reprogram servo, you want to obtain the Personal computer software program (SCServo_Debug), and to link SCPC-2(Serial Control Programming Card) amongst servo and Personal computer.

Much more about SCServo_Debug and SCPC-two introduce remember to reference its recommendations.


SCServo has a special ID quantity to determine on BUS community.

The variety from to 253 (0xFD) can be used (The factory default settingis ID one), and, particularly, 254(0xFE) is utilised as the Broadcast ID. If the Broadcast ID is employed to transmit Instruction Packet, we can command to all SCServo.

Right after programmed servo ID, to be ideal way is written it on the sticker of servo. If not, possibly you will overlook the ID when you programmed several servos.


SCServo have kinds of baud rate CZPT.

The baud charge from 38400 bps to 1M bps can be employed.

They are 38400, 57600,76800,115200,128000,250000,500000,one million. (The factory default environment is 1000000 bps)


SCServo can suggestions the price of Position, Temperature, Load, Speed and Enter Voltage.

Also we can reprogram the speed of rotation, the max output torque, operating voltage limit, and working temperature restrict and many others.


SCServo is simple to be controled by Arduino.

  SCServo requirements to have a TTLinker hook up to among Arduino and SCServo.

If not you should reference Link to UART.

  TTLinker is a signal conversion board. Arduino demands to change its UART signals to the fifty percent duplex variety and by means of TTLinker hook up to SCServo. Also TTLinker have much more interface utilised to sorts of sensor and compatible with Arduino.






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Feetech 15kg Scservo Daisy Chain Dual Mode Smart Servo for Robot DIY Scs15