F90 Flexible Taper Bore Tyre Coupling for Pumps

F90 Flexible Taper Bore Tyre Coupling for Pumps

TYRE coupling,

one. The highly resilient adaptable tyre cushions shock loads, smoothing out load in between riving and pushed

    machine.Allow high stages of misalignment to be accommodated.

two. The flanges are CZPT in either F(confront) or H (hub) taper bushfitting or bored to dimensions. With an additional

    CZPTr flange the coupling can be used to accomodate common length between shaft ends and

    facilitate pump upkeep.

3. It is simple set up and no servicing or lubrication is essential.

four. CZPTized necessity is CZPT.

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F90 Flexible Taper Bore Tyre Coupling for Pumps