Conveyor Forged Chain Attachments with ISO Approved

Conveyor Forged Chain Attachments with ISO Approved

Cast Chain Attachments
This web page introduces you our cast chain attachments, which includes the hanger bracket, outer website link plate, provider for products carrying, as properly as the forged detachable chain assembly. These attachments can be merged together selectively for use in specific apps. For occasion, the solid hanger bracket, carrier, and outer url plate are usually merged utilized in overhead trolley conveyors.
one. Forged Hanger Bracket
This solid chain attachment capabilities to help the fat of supplies or items, the provider, and the generate chain. Its bottom portion also wants to bear the stress power from the tensioned chains. Furthermore, the hanger bracket is dependable for making confident the travel chain moves along the overhead monitor.
In an overhead trolley conveyor program, when the distance amongst two loaded hanger brackets exceeds 800-900mm, an unloaded bracket can be mounted between them so as to increase system power.
We can offer solid brackets of X348, X458, X678, CC100, and X160 sequence.

Forged hanger bracket model Dimensions Bodyweight (kg/set)
A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) G(mm)
X348 64 60 a hundred one hundred 25.5 22.five 16 1.35
X458 eighty two 80 136 128.six 33.five 20.five twenty two.7
X678 89   82 one hundred forty four 136 31 23 16 3.45
CC100 eighty two eighty two 136 128.six 25.5 22.five 18
X160 one hundred and one.six a hundred and twenty one hundred seventy a hundred and seventy 42 28 twenty 7.5

 2. Carrier & Press Rod (Pusher Puppy)

Design A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) H (mm) I (mm) J (mm) K (mm) L (mm) N (mm) P (mm) Wt (kg)
348 146 forty eight 26 62 forty six 12 15 6.four 32 M12 four nine .22
458 178 54 fifty 33.five 71.five 52 six sixteen 32 9.five 35 M16 four ten.5 .45
678 222 70 seventy six 41.5 79 sixty seven nine.five 22 41.2 twelve.7 51 M22 5.5 ten.five one.27

For a lot more than 20 a long time, we have focused on custom made chains.

For more than twenty years, We have done hundreds of various sorts of industrial chains.

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Conveyor Forged Chain Attachments with ISO Approved