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CZPT cycle chain specs: 25H, 420, 428, 428H, 520, 530, O-RING chain CZPT
1) Mode: 25H Bush Timing Chain
2) CL04 2*3, 3*4, 4*5 Tooth Timing Chain
three) 06B

25H Bush Timing Chain
CL04 2*3, 3*4, 4*5 Tooth Timing Chain

We can offer established timing sprockets

We provide motorcycle chain twenty five, 25H, 06B, 415, 415H, 420, 420H, 428, 428H, 520, 520H, 525, 525H, 530, 530H, 630, O ring and X ring chain and so on, CZPT chains are equally outstanding in quality and sensible in cost
1. CZPT top quality and sensible cost
two. Has taken evaluate to better antirust
3. CZPT -life duration and large strength
4. Pre-stretching and operating for every single motor chain prior to delivery
5. Riveting: Two sides riveting or 4 sides riveting
six. All components are heat therapy (quenching and tempering) and managed in a affordable tolerance assortment
7. We can also generate as your sample or drawing
eight. Packing: According to your demand to design

If you have any need of CZPT items, pls feel free to permit me know your detailed inquiry, then I am glad to supply CZPT ideal price tag and service for you shortly.

Chain No. Pitch Roller diameter Width among interior plates Pin diameter Pin duration Inner plate depth Plate thickness Final tensile toughness Common tensile strength Exhaustion
p d1 max b1 min Ld2 max max Lc max h2 max T1 Q min Q0 amx
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kn kn kgf
06B 9.525 6.35 5.seventy two three.28 13.two 14.two 8.two one.three 9 ten  
415 twelve.7 seven.seventy five four.88 three.96 twelve.five thirteen.nine ten.four one.three 11.six twelve.five 380
415H seven.seventy five four.88 three.ninety six thirteen.1 fourteen.five eleven.5 1.5 fifteen.6 16.1 380
420 7.seventy seven six.35 3.ninety six 14.five sixteen.1 12 one.five sixteen 16.5 380
420H 12.7 7.seventy seven 6.35 3.96 15.7 17.4 12 one.eight 17 seventeen.five 380
428 twelve.7 eight.51 seven.seventy five four.45 sixteen.five 18.05 12 1.six seventeen.8 eighteen.five 380
428H 8.51 7.seventy five four.45 18.three 19.08 twelve two.03 20.six 450
428HG 8.fifty one 7.75 four.fifty one eighteen.nine twenty.1 12.three 2 20.six 21.five 450
520 15.875 ten.sixteen 6.35 five.08 19 fifteen 2 26.five 29.5 650
520H fifteen.875 10.16 6.35 five.24 18.9 twenty.5 fifteen two.42 thirty 31 seven hundred
525 15.875 ten.16 seven.94 five.08 eighteen.eight twenty.5 fifteen two.03 26.6 29 650
525H fifteen.875 10.16 seven.seventy four five.24 20.4 22.2 fifteen 2.42 30 31 700
530 fifteen.875 10.sixteen nine.four five.08 20.9 22.two 15 2 26.five 29.7 650
530H 15.875 10.16 9.four five.08 21.nine 24.2 fifteen 2.42 30 31.5 seven hundred
630 19.05 11.91 9.four 5.94 22.two 24 eighteen 2.4 35 37 800

Chain pitch: refers to the length among the hinge centre of 1 chain website link and the hinge middle corresponding to the adjacent chain website link. Sprocket Pitch Circle Diameter: The diameter of the circle exactly where the heart of the hinge is when the chain is wrapped close to the ball. The hinge facilities of the chain and the circles drawn by way of these facilities are referred to as pitch circles, and their diameters are called pitch circle diameters.These chains are utilized to constantly carry and convey substance at a speed of 2 m/s. There are two varieties of conveyor chains: Removable or hooked chains: This type of conveyor chain is used for power transmission among conveyors of shorter lengths. Shut chain: composed of the cylinder block and connecting rod, cast and formed, with large toughness after heat therapy.
china price 06b Timing Chain manufacturers