Auto Air Conditioner Spare Parts Condenser for Volvo

Auto Air Conditioner Spare Parts Condenser for Volvo

                      Micro channel parallel stream radiator specialist maker

The condenser-a part of the air conditioning circuit-is built-in into the engine cooling module, where it is utilised to amazing down and condense the compressed, gaseous refrigerant from the compressor. We make brazed, flat tube condensers that supply substantial overall performance in spite of their compact and lightweight style. They make sure speedy cooling of the passenger compartment thanks to the best possible matching of heat transfer and force drop on equally the coolant and the air side.

The condenser is a warmth exchanger in a mobile A/C method. Presently, condensers are generally produced of aluminum, but in the previous, some have been created of copper/brass. Condensers search very considerably like radiators, just a small thinner, and considering that they also rely on air flowing via them, are generally located in front of the radiator.
Like radiators and evaporators, condensers are also created as a sequence of tubes with fins all around them. its  job is to launch heat. Far more especially, to release the heat the refrigerant absorbed although it was flowing by means of the evaporator, very considerably the exact same way the radiator releases the heat from motor coolant that the coolant absorbed whilst it was flowing via the motor. The refrigerant enters the condenser as a higher-stress vapor, but as it flows by way of the condenser and cools, it turns again into a cooler higher-stress liquid.

Product attributes
1 adopt low height fins and multiple flat pipes to increase the heat dissipation area and improve the heat dissipation performance.
2 fin special treatment to enhance lodging resistance and maintain the tidiness of the products’ appearance 
3 powder coating on the products can enhance corrosion resistance and improve product life cycle.
4 none- argon arc welding solder products look different.
5 every product’s pressure is maintained by using nitrogen so the product is free from leakage at 100% before it leaves the factory

Organization Advantage
one. Generic products are supposed to be manufactured strictly according to the installation standard of the original factory, in this way to ensure the accurate installation for the users.
2. This special design for the pin not only enhances its lodging resistance,ensure the visual appearance tidy but also reduces the air blockage chance, it also allows more heat dissipation area to improve heat transfer performance. In that way, the air conditioning system can achieve its expected function more efficiently.
3. Part of the products uses galvanised microchannel flat tube as material or adopt the powder coating treatment, in order to improve products’ corrosion resistance and prolong the service life.
four. By machining core into different thickness and wave distance and changing the amount of holes in flat tube,we can improve the heat dissipation efficiency of condenser of the product, lower down the system compression power, save fuel and improve economic efficiency.
five.CZPTy product is double checked and a pressure-holding device is installed to ensure that every product is 100% leak-free before it leaves the factory.
six. The company with a complete production chain, is focused on the developing new products, and keeping tracking of products to ensure the timeliness of all product supply, and also enhance the flexibility of enterprise operation.
7.Only when we have an independent team with high efficiency can we satisfy CZPT demands.  

Prolonged time period organization is primarily based on our trustworthy companies, quickly respond and our skilled knowledge to Auto AC. We are going to grow to be your partner, not just your supplier.
1.CAD Drawing, and mould style foundation on your sample
2.Mould take a look at and sample verification prior to mass manufacturing.
three.CZPTers of numerous delivery strains.
4.aggressive freight offers and one-quit support on clearing, transport concerns.

Q1. Are you a manufacturing facility or investing company? A: we are a self -personal manufacturing facility, we give 1-stop service for our buyers, from spare components to condenser, from technical income to shipping and to right after-income, so as to save the price for client, management the top quality and lead time, give the greatest services
Q2: Exactly where is your manufacturing facility found? How can I go to there? A: Our factory is positioned in  HangCZPT, Shan dong, China.
The closest airport is ZheJiang Yaoqiang airport or HangCZPT Liuting airport.
Q3. What is actually the manufacturing time for new molds and mass creation? A: 7-10 times to develop the new moulds, mass production requires close to twenty-25days for one 20gp,twenty five-30days for one particular 40hq, can process urgently if need to have.
Q4: What is the payment terms? A: Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) and Letter of Credit (L/C).
Q5: Can you ship me samples? A: Indeed, Samples are for cost-free, and freight is on your side.


Auto Air Conditioner Spare Parts Condenser for Volvo