Top Ten Zones Lead Free Reflow Sodering

Top Ten Zones Lead Free Reflow Sodering

Model:Leading direct-cost-free very hot air guide-totally free reflow oven JAGUAR R10

1.Windows XP program with English and Chinese is effortless to find out how to operate and can be modify any time.
two. The electronic handle system adopted with PLC and Modular circuit to stabilized and accurate of repetitive precision.
three. CZPT analysis method (IDS) has the perform of difficulties remind, alarm, list-out and conserving knowledge.
four. Temperature and blower velocity can be managed independently, to meet up with the large-precision needs.
five.Powerful heating zone length, the heat conduction in full uniform distribution, drastically strengthening the heating effectiveness.
6.Forced cooling technique with successful cooling speed fits all various sorts of direct-totally free soldering paste.
seven.PLC and PID shut loop control to accomplish substantial precision temperature control and repeatable profiles.
eight. CZPT 8 couples of up and down zones with patented air management method to make scorching air convection a lot more successful and more quickly thermal compensation.
9.The rail is dealt with hardened method to make it far more balance.
10.The rail width can be adjusted by guide.(alternative:immediately by SPG gear motor).
11.Chain Rails will be lubricated by central oil reservior system ,managed by computer.
twelve.Strong software program can preserve all options and can print all the information and profiles through Laptop.
thirteen.With flux collecting technique to preserve within zones cleanse and ensures a lot more environmental emission.
14.Nitrogen with equipment is choice.

Product JAGUAR R10

Heating Program

Amount of heating zones UP 10/Bottom 10
Variety of cooling zones Up 3 bottom 3
Length of heating zones 3900mm
Heating mode sizzling air
Cooling Method Air Oven:Forced air
Exhaust Volume 10m³/min * 2 exhausts

CZPT Method

Max. Width of PCB 450mm
Mesh belt width 500mm
Transmission Direction L→R(or R→L)
Transmission Internet Height 900±20mm
Transmission type Mesh and chain
Variety of rail width -450mm
CZPT velocity -2000mm/min
Vehicle/handbook Lubrication common
Mounted rail facet Entrance rail mounted(selection: rear rail mounted)
Parts substantial Leading and base 25mm

Manage technique

Electrical power provide 5 line 3 phase 380V 50/60Hz
Overall power 50kw
CZPTting energy 48kw
Regular power intake 10KW
Warming time About twenty mins
Temp. location assortment Space temperature-300ºC
Temp. management approach PID shut loop handle & SSR driving
Temp. management precision ±1ºC
Temp. deviation on PCB ±2ºC
Info storage Approach Data and position storage(80GB)
Nozzle plate Aluminum Alloy Plate
Irregular Alarm Irregular temp. (added-high/additional-low temp.)
Board dropped alarm Tower mild:Yellow-warming, Green-typical, Pink-abnormal
CZPT Dimension(L*W*H) 5710×1350×1490mm
Weight 2150KG
Colour Computer grey

Our major item:
1. wave soldering,reflow ovens
2.decide and place equipment
3.solder paste printer
4.AOI equipment
five.SMT conveyor, PCB loader and unloader, DIP line ect.

About us:
JAGUAR is the  leader of SMT equipment market in China .We concentrate on technological innovation and lean production with high-tech skills .
What we can do for you if you want to set up a SMT manufacturing facility?as follows:
1. we can provide total SMT resolution.
2. we can provode you with top technological help.
3. we have enrich encounter in guiding and supporting the new SMT manufacturing unit.
4.we can supply the ideal expert tech support.
5.we can aid you to offer with all the difficulty about SMT.

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Top Ten Zones Lead Free Reflow Sodering