Straight Belt Conveyor Belt Conveying System

Straight Belt Conveyor Belt Conveying System

Lubrication Totally free CZPT Technique Packing Device(SC-00)

CZPT description:

Creation line of higher and reduced procedure performance, and has a great connection with conveyor line Configuration. On transmission line Configuration have to think about the later interval of Gear is quick downtime (for instance: Adjust the Label, etc. ), impact the operation of the front-stop Gear can’t, at the exact same time ought to be ready to bridge ahead of and soon after the period of Tools good jointly, can we make the whole production line to obtain high effectiveness. Our production line arrangement entirely consider the customer’s expenditure and the connection of the creation line performance, on the basis of the introduction of international technology, can very great to attain the earlier mentioned specifications. The method adopts the innovative foreign technology, with advanced stage in the ninety s, the mechanical construction for the new layout, most component adopts the stamping or bending forming, has advantages of very good rigidity, mild excess weight, very good interchangeability. Transmission, reliable operation, practical upkeep, ideal for conveying the Diameter from forty ~ one hundred ten mm in the bottle. CZPT handle system adopts PLC handle of the genuine bottle conveying buffer system procedure, computerized running velocity, acceleration and deceleration automated buffer.

two, CZPT parameter and Configuration:
Ø Potential: 15000Bph
Ø Bottle measurements: 350ml, 500ml, 1500ml
Ø Chains board: Rexnord technologies
Ø Main motor: China
Ø CZPT elements: OMRON, Siemens

Circulation chart and format drawing sample

CZPT program component
CZPT method is utilised to produce goods such as bottles, bins, bags and so forth. The conveyor program can be personalize basing on distinct prerequisite.

CZPT sort:

  • CZPT conveyor
  • Change conveyor
  • Climbing conveyor
  • Multi-rows conveyor
  • Accumulation conveyor
  • CZPTize

Labeling machine & Packing device component

Labeling Machine
one.Whole machine adopt competent stainless steel and good-high quality of aluminum alloy , compact and reasonable fracture, convenient to change
2. The label roll frame of shrinkage movie with adjustable unit, practical to modify according to differ volume label 5″~10″paper tube.
three. Simply set up, then can handy for sq. and spherical bottle.
four. No want of instrument, rotary mechanism is handy to alter, use to different bottle variety.
Shrink wrapping technique

  1. Thermal shrink packaging machine is a new type of packaging equipment capable of higher-effectiveness and continuous procedure and designed on the foundation of thermal shrinkage home of packaging film.
  2. It can automatic prepare, group, wrap with shrink movie one PET beverage bottle or other similar substances, and switch into assembly package deal by warmth shrinkage and chilly placing. Items packaged in this way will be tied up firmly presenting orderly and great physical appearance, and will be effortless to open.

Liquid filling machine component

The most advanced technology from Japan and Germany is employed in the design. The gravity fastened liquid floor filling is utilized. The filling is rapidly, the sum of liquid is properly managed and the dropping and leakage are prevented.
The entire machine is managed by PLC with contact-screen as the human-machine interface. The sum of the beverages in the storage tank can be managed instantly. The filling and capping will be stopped instantly when there is no bottle. When bottles are cramped wrongly or when caps are not CZPT, the machine can be stopped automatically.
The frequency shifting technologies is utilised to modify the procedure speed sleeplessly. The manufacturing capacity can be exhibited digitally and can be altered conveniently.


Product Washing CZPTs Filling CZPTs Capping CZPTs Capacity
Motor Power
DCGFfourteen-12-5 14 12 five 2000-2500 1.5 2100*1400*2500
DCGFsixteen-twelve-six sixteen 12 six 2500-3000 3 2450*1800*2400
DCGF18-18-6 eighteen 18 six 3000-4000 three.5 2600*2100*2650
DCGF24-24-eight 24 24 8 4000-8000 four.eight 3100*2100*2650
DCGF32-32-ten 32 32 ten 8000-12000 7.6 3500*2500*2650
DCGF40-forty-10 forty 40 10 12000-15000 eight 4600*1800*2650
DCGFforty-40-twelve 40 forty 12 15000-18000 eight.three 4550*2650*2400
DCGFforty eight-forty eight-12 48 48 twelve 18000-20000 9.5 5200*4500*3400
DCGFfifty-fifty-fifteen 50 fifty 15 20000-24000 9.six 5450*3210*2400
DCGFsixty-sixty-15 sixty sixty 15 24000-30000 12 6500*4500*3400

Straight Belt Conveyor Belt Conveying System