Automatic 4 Way Dry Fog Sterilizing Humidifier for Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Automatic 4 Way Dry Fog Sterilizing Humidifier for Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Automated 4 Way Dry Fog Sterilizing Humidifier for Sanitizing and Disinfecting

There are two kinds of spray
Small stream charge (2.4L/h) and larger movement fee 3.3L/h one ,
air pressure of .3MPa for every 1 nozzle)
A humidifier can be installed (one-four) nozzles are 1 time,
4 nozzles of humidifier for 13.2L/h (air force is .3MPa). Automated temperature manage unit and timing gadget control is simpler and a lot more efficient


Reduced force large quantity
Much less air use
Simple-to-keep mechanism


Size: 20*20*20cm


 Product characteristics:
Micro-fog: Droplet measurement is three-15μ M, rapid heat-absorption and really great cooling effect,
Strength-saving: Electrical power use 2.2KKw /h @ 5000 sq. meters workshop, that’s to say, you just pay out 18RMB for that of 12 hours functioning. That’s one/10 expense of Standard spray humidifier.
CZPT: Large-force micro mist humidifier adopts industrial variety imported piston pump, can be 24 hrs lengthy ongoing procedure. Nozzle and h2o mist distribution unpowered damageable components, can not be damaged in higher dust setting.
Simple to routine maintenance: Set up Soft water or pure water device in drinking water resource, To stay away from calcium, magnesium ions in h2o and other ions extracted and block nozzle. Meanwhile, and it can avert pigment production, and protect production gear and workers health.
Humidification potential: A big amount of humidification and cost-free mix, Pumping station micro mist system for high voltage output circulation from the 60kg/h~2880kg/h, can have out stepless regulation, In the scope of any circulation to configurate nozzle, and change humidification accuracy in any combination.
Wide software: The artificial landscape, dust, odor, nursery, greenhouse, livestock breeding, spraying, industrial cooling products and numerous other industrial fields.

one. Printing property, textile mill, and paper mill
2. Partial humidification and anti-static for machine facet
three. Anti-static and dry fog cooling in plastics film manufacturing facility
4. Humidification in all varieties of material
five. Humidifying in cold store for veggies fruit and fresh food
6. Humidifier fog poultry farm
8. Automated humidifying of time setting
nine. Dry fogging humidifying
10. Humidifier of straightforward installation 

How to use nozzle properly:

Pls use thoroughly clean compressed air and water, for lengthen service daily life.
In get to make sure that the air and water thoroughly clean, make sure you use the common auxiliary gear and pipeline will not rust

Security precautions:
Keep air strain under . MPA(forty PSI), drinking water strain beneath . MPA (30PSI )
Higher pressure will cause the Pleasure-chain nozzle and pipe out
Large pressure will trigger the humidifier Water Leakage, can be employed to minimize the drinking water pressure minimizing valve

Min-water stress
In accordance to nozzle Qty, pls established water stress over force as under table, below .two MPA


Automatic 4 Way Dry Fog Sterilizing Humidifier for Sanitizing and Disinfecting