2016 Shengqi 20 Ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist

2016 Shengqi 20 Ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist

2016 shengqi 20 ton CZPT Wire Rope CZPT

twenty ton CZPT Wire Rope CZPT Description and Application&colon
CD&solMD CZPT Wire rope electric hoist is a kind of tiny-sized lifting crane&period of time Owing to its inexpensive cost and trustworthy efficiency&comma many years electric powered hoist is rated Best one sales sum&time period
Mounted on overhead crane&comma gantry crane and jib cranes&comma it can work with them compatibly&interval The rated load of the electrical hoist is up to 32t&comma and the hook elevate is up to 100m&comma extensively utilized in manufacturing unit&comma mine&comma harbors&comma warehouse&comma cargo storage places and stores&comma essential in increasing functioning performance and strengthening functioning situation&interval
CD&solMD electrical hoist is designed in accordance to Chinese crane layout Norm JB&solT 9008&period1-9008&period2-2004&time period

twenty ton CZPT Wire Rope CZPT Detailed Configuration&colon 
CZPT wire rope hoist&colon
1- Lifting Mechanism
– Shut winch mixed with motor&comma gears&comma drum&comma hook&comma sheaves&comma shaft&comma coupling&comma rope information and so on&period of time
– Lifting speed&colon one or dual as per needs
– Overload limiter used
– Lifting limiter used
– LD Driver
– Touring pace&colon one or dual or step considerably less as for each demands
– Impartial pendent control
– Wi-fi management as choice
– Corrosion safety by means of rust removing by mechanical shot blasting SA 2&period5
– Initial layer of coating epoxy 30 microns
– 2nd layer of coating epoxy 30 microns
– Third Layer of coating of polyurethane 40 microns
– Common thickness&colon about one hundred microns
– Colour&colon yellow or inexperienced as per requirements
5-Risk-free Security
– Unexpected emergency-off change
– Overload defend
– Earth safety
– Zero Place Defense
– Lifting vacation defense
– Load screen as alternative
Attributes Advantages

20 ton CZPT Wire Rope CZPT Functions Advantages&colon
– Compact structure&comma mild bodyweight&comma protected and trustworthy
– Extensive used and interchangeable of factors
– Simple servicing&comma straightforward operation&comma substantial functionality
– Asynchronous Conical rotor motors&comma B or F class insulation&comma IP44&comma IP54 protection
– Rolled rope drum&comma light useless weight&comma created from outstanding solid iron&comma substantial depth&time period
– CZPT-loaded strong security capture&comma making sure slings not launch safe and dependable
– Overload limiter to make sure the secure operation
– Affordable structure of manage cabinet&comma effortless to repair
– Limit change is of high precision&comma makes it possible for the limiting of the hook’s travelling in its greatest position and its cheapest position&time period
Packing and Transport

twenty ton CZPT Wire Rope CZPT Packing by wooden situation&colon
Building hoist&colon

Product CD1 MD1
Ability Tons &period25 &period5 one 2 three 5 10 16
Lifting height M three&comma6&comma9 six&comma9&comma12 6&comma9&comma12&comma18&comma24&comma30 9&comma12&comma18&comma24&comma30
LIfting velocity M&bsolMin                  eight &lpar0&period8&bsol8&rpar 7&lpar0&period7&bsol7&rpar 3&period5&lpar0&period35&bsol3&period5&rpar
Travel velocity  M&bsolMin  20                 20&bsol30        18
Wirerope Dia&interval&lparmm&rpar three&period6 4&period8 seven&period4 11 13 fifteen fifteen seventeen&period5
 Specification  6×39      6×37&plusFC       
CZPTing Motor  Type              ZD112-4  ZD121-4  ZD122-four  ZD131-four ZD132-4   ZD141-four  ZD151-4  ZD151-4
ZD112-four ZD S1
Power&lparkw&rpar &period4 &period8
Rotation Velocity&lparr&bsolmin&rpar 1380 1380 1380 1380 1380 1400 1400 1400
Recent&lparA&rpar one&period25 two&period2
four&period3&lpar0&period72&bsol4&period3&rpar seven&period6
Vacation Motor  Type  ZDY110-four  ZDY111-4  ZDY111-4  ZDY112-4  ZDY112-4  ZDY112-4  ZDY112-four  ZDY112-four
Energy&lparkw&rpar &period06 &period2 &period2 &period4 &period4 &period8 &period8×2 &period8×2
Ratation pace&lparr&bsolmin&rpar 1400 1380 1380 1380 1380 1380 1380 1380
Present&lparA&rpar &period3 &period72 &period72 1&period25 one&period25 two&period4 two&period4 2&period4
Power         three-Phase AC 380V&comma50HZ      

Tailor Made
Developing hoist&colon
– Micro pace for specific loading
– Lifting height over 30m
– Anti-sway for specific application

2016 Shengqi 20 Ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist